Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deadbeat Summer in Bucheon

We decided to start video documenting some of the things we've been doing. So, this is how we've been spending our summer so far---having the time of our lives! Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfNT5SqGyzE&feature=g-all-u

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Korean Wedding

My co teacher got married and invited us to her wedding. Unlike the last wedding I went to in Korea this one was much more typical for most Koreans. The bride and groom dressed in typical white dress and tuxedo combinations and exchanged vows in a wedding hall. Still the wedding was short and we then went into a big buffet area that was shared with numerous other wedding parties that were happening throughout the day

Prior to the start of the wedding pictures of the bride and groom were displayed on the giant screen in front of the room. Once the wedding started the pictures changed to various locations around the world.

The family photo.

Once the wedding was over the bride and groom changed into traditional hanbok to join the guests for lunch.

With Cortney, Rachel and her husband



“Do” (pronounced like ‘doe’) meaning island in Korean. Deokjeokdo is one of the many islands off the western coast of Incheon. Fourteen of us met at Incheon’s Port station to take a ferry for about an hour. (*Incheon residents got 50% off the ferry cost!) The island is almost deserted with the exception of a few restaurants, a handful of pensions and one Family Mart (convenience store). We brought snacks, drinks and things to grill.

When we arrived on the island we were quickly approached by two competing pensions for our business. They both gladly offered us rides to their respective pensions so we could decide where we wanted to stay. These pensions were virtually the same, but we chose one for it’s slightly better location to the beach and dropped off our things. We immediately walked over to the beach and set up our things and began grilling some lunch. We hung out on the beach all day and into the night when we started a fire right on the beach.

The next day we enjoyed a little more beach time before getting some amazing Chinese food at this great little restaurant. It was a small place where the owner/cook/waiter/delivery man made us all a feast literally as fast as he possibly could! The name of the restaurant is
바다 반점 (Bada Banjeon) meaning Sea Spot, I believe.