Thursday, July 21, 2011

Natural History Museum

really, no more pictures, please!  
We had a jam packed full day of field trips and fun for the kids. We went to the Natural History Museum in Seoul. We some dinosaurs, mammoths and 3-d movies.   
Seoul from the museum

Seoul over the years

When we got back to school the kids all got leis and we painted their faces in what they referred to as a “Hawaiian” theme.  
my job is really amazing! this was their warrior face, by the way!
After dinner we met their parents at another little kids museum for a show/ musical.

The teachers were probably more worn out than the kids at this point, but we all went out for some drinks and bar food at a local soju house. Remember how we did toast after toast and shot after shot? Well, 90 pound girls can’t keep up and this is where most of the alcohol goes. Still not so sure why “no more” or a polite “thank you, but no thank” don’t really work in this country, but they really don’t.
Anything that can hold liquid under the table and being filled with beer and soju.

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