Sunday, August 14, 2011

Namsan Tower

Finally a bright and sunny day, but HOT HOT HOT! We took a trip to the Incheon China town for lunch and shopping! We walked around exploring Korea’s China town before having lunch and heading back to Bucheon.

Hanging out on the subway down to China Town. It's clearly not a heavily traveled subway line when you get towards the end of the line.

Chinese dumplings

We then took a trip into Seoul to go to Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower.

Namsan is a 900 foot hill topped with the tower, which extents another 787 feet. We took a cable car up to the base of the tower and then had dinner with a view! We checked out the observatory at the top where you get a great view of the city of Seoul. Luckily we had a dry day and night making for a nice view.

Seoul at night

inside the observatory

the fountain on top of the hill

Dinner overlooking Seoul

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