Thursday, April 26, 2012

One year in Korea

Well, this marks one year of my time in Korea. I had the most amazing experience. I couldn’t even have imagined enjoying myself more. What wonderful memories I will have for a lifetime! I seriously couldn’t have asked for a more incredible experience!  I did, however, decide that I couldn’t give up my amazing job quite yet and decided to renew my contract for an additional year. I have too many more places to see and memories to make to leave amazing Korea behind just yet! My school was thrilled with my decision and negotiation was pretty simple. They even decided to let Cortney renew her contract just enough to finish up next March with mine. (We have big future plans so stay tuned for those adventures J ) My school also paid for me to get a ticket home to see my family for just about 2.5 weeks. Although, My class graduated and let me tell you that was a sad day in kindergarten, I will be getting a new class upon my return. So, here goes one more year!

Our sweet pictures in the yearbook. They forgot to mention it was picture day to the poor foreigner teachers...

 Check out how much these babies grew over the year!! :)
love these kids so much!

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