Sunday, June 17, 2012


Busan is Korea’s second largest city and located on the southeastern tip of the country. Cortney, Stephanie and I made the trip down on the KTX train. This is Korea’s high speed rail system where the trains travel at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour (or about 190 miles per hour). The train is super efficient and very prompt. We left exactly on time and arrived 2 and a half hours later, just as they stated.
What 300 km/ hr on the KTX looks like.
When we arrived at Busan station we took the local subway right to Haeundae Beach where we found a love motel across the street from the beach. We walked into a couple before stumbling upon the Wow Motel. Love motels always pleasantly surprise me in Korea. For 100,000 won we were able to get the VIP suite in the Wow motel where we got one king size and one double bed, 2 computers, a jacuzzi shower and even a wrap around balcony! 
We woke up in the morning, got breakfast and headed down to the beach. We were able to check out the Sand Castle Festival that was happening this weekend where elaborate works of art were set up along the beach. There were also various activities and booths set up along the beach and also an amateur sand castle making area where anyone could enter to make their own sand castle.

We then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant before checking out the local night life.

View from the balcony of the Wow Motel.

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