Tuesday, June 7, 2011

English Village

Both the English classes took a trip to English Village. This place is created for kids to go and see English plays, eat American food and walk around and “explore the English language”. Or something like that I guess. As they walk in it looks like an airport terminal and they all get a little passport. They then move to the counter and talk to a native English speaking foreigner who asks their name and their favorite food. Then they get a stamp in their passport.

We went to see a play called “The Nanny”. Most of my class said they were scared of it or at least followed in the other kids lead and said they were scared. This was about three bratty siblings who didn’t know how to share so they had to get a nanny to whip them into shape. The nanny turned out to be a thief who wanted to steal their “expensive painting with lots of jewels”. Of course there were some more professional pictures taken of the kids, but overall the experience was pretty cute for them.


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