Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Folk village & green tea making

Nagan Folk Village

When we arrived at the Nagan Folk Village we dropped our bags off, explored the village a little and then went to dinner. After dinner a bunch of us hung out on the wall to the village for a little while.

Sunset in the folk village

on the wall surrounding the village

 In the morning we explored a little more and then headed to Bosung Tea Hill to see just that, hills of tea. We ate some green tea ice cream, green tea bibimbap (a spicy rice dish with vegetables), had some iced green tea and some green tea chocolate. They can apparently make anything and everything with green tea!
in fields of tea

with Hong in fields of tea

tea hills

some of the group in the hills

We then headed out to make our own green tea. We visited this cute little Korean couple who use flakes of gold to fertilize their tea. Yes, this is very expensive tea. We learned which leaves were the tea leaves we needed to pick. Then we went and put the leaves in a giant pot to cook them and then we took them out to cook and roll them. The heating and cooling process then happens five more times so we didn’t actually finish making the tea, but we were given samples of this gold tea with tea rice cakes and crackers.

tea made of gold!

rice cakes made of tea

making green tea

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