Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After lunch with loaded onto a ferry boat for Geomundo Island. On the 2 hour ferry ride we relaxed and partied with the Korean ajumahs and ajusis (middle-aged men and women). They certainly know how to have a party. They were passing around oversized bottles of soju and beer with various other snacks. Some were singing and dancing and others were trying to balance on the ferry boat after drinking copious amounts of soju.

Our ferry boat from Yeosu

Some of the girls on the ferry

some Koreans starting the party

When we got to Geomundo we dropped our bags off at a local pension where we were staying. This is a typical Korean type “motel”, where you sleep on mats on the heated floors. After dropping off our things we boarded another ferry boat to tour Baekdo Island. This is made up of 39 uninhabited rock formations. It is a really awesome site to see.

Baekdo Islands (Baekdo - meaning 1000 islands)

After the tour of Baekdo we had dinner next to our pension and then explored this small island. This island really reminded me of when I was in Italy and stayed on a small island off Capri called Ventotene. One of my friends had commented it was like the Truman Show, in the fact that the same people who gave us our coffee in the morning were giving us our beach chairs during the day and partying with us at night. This island was pretty much the same thing. Most of the people on the island had taken the ferry over from Yeosu with us. Either way it had been a really long day so we went to bed pretty early.

In the morning we walked to a light house on the island.

The lighthouse.

Then took the ferry back over to Yeosu to visit the Nagan Folk Village and stay over in a traditional house there. On the way to the village we stopped at the Suncheon Bay Eco Park to enjoy nature and take a quick walk.

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