Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pangkor, Malaysia

Malaysia: down- 1 camera to the depths of the Indian Ocean, up- about a million mosquito bites and a weird rash. Ha. Despite the mishaps, however, it was an overall good trip. (Oh, and don’t worry the rash wasn’t anything a little Korean hydrocortisone couldn’t clear up.)

We had an early flight on Saturday morning before our long Chuseok weekend. Chuseok is Korea’s version of Thanksgiving where they feast for 3 days. We had 2 days off of work for a total of 5 days in Malaysia. Incheon Airport in Korea, which I’m voting as best airport in the world (from my experience), has a jimjilbang in the basement level. A jimjilbang is a Korean bath house and public sauna. While most of Korea is very conservative they certainly let it all hang out in the jimjilbangs. (Pun intended) It was actually a very relaxing and clean-feeling experience. They give you fresh clothes to wear after you use the community showers, hot tub, cold tub, warm tub, wet sauna and dry sauna. Then you sleep on mats on the floor in a common area. This was nice and convenient for us to catch our early morning flight considering it was Chuseok and the airport was completely packed when we got upstairs.

We made it through immigration, caught our flight just in time and made it to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Things are even cheaper in Malaysia than they are in Korea, so we took a taxi about an hour to our hostel. We arrived at the Reggae Mansion Hostel, which I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and clean it was and would recommend it to anyone! We did a little exploring of Kuala Lumpur and got our bus ticket for the next day since we were planning on leaving for Pangkor Island early in the morning. Pretty much everyone in Malaysia seems to speak English so we didn’t have a difficult time navigating our way around or searching for what we needed.

The next morning we took a long bus ride to Lumet, Malaysia where we took a short ferry ride over to Pangkor Island. We got some lunch and immediately went to the beach. We enjoyed the warm water and decided to take a banana boat ride, which is where my poor camera jumped to it’s death. We then grabbed some dinner beach side and started up a game of cards to finish off the night.

Monkies all over the island

Our hang out: Daddy's Cafe

The next day we took some motor bikes for a ride around the island in the morning and then hit up the beach again in the afternoon. We ate dinner at a local family owned restaurant on the island for dinner and then took the ferry and the bus back to Kuala Lumpur in the morning.

Delicious fresh fruit juices!

Hornbill birds

riding the motor bikes

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