Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children's Day celebration

So, today is Children’s Day. Also, known as Cinco de Mayo, but here in Korea they celebrate the Children with a national holiday and no school! Yesterday we had a big party at school. All the kids got to dress up in their fancy clothes. Some of their definitions of fancy are only used by 5 year olds, but, none-the-less they were dressed up. They all brought in some food or fruit to share for lunch and we had quite the feast.

All of the 7 year olds went to the auditorium where the gym teacher was dressed up as a tiger and they got to dance on the stage, try and break boards and win candy! We then went outside for a little for more pictures and for them to just frolic in the sunshine! The kids were given a gift of t-shirts and chocolates for the holiday. There were no after school or after lunch classes and no teacher training for me, so it was an overall great day for all!

Rainbow class with their Korean teacher and me.

Rainbow class boys

Here is a video I made of the day. It’s my first attempt at a video so it certainly needs some work, but you might enjoy watching the kids try and break boards!

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