Saturday, May 21, 2011


Since last Sunday was Teacher’s Day, today all the teachers got to go to Everland. Everland is Korea’s version of Disney World. There are shops, rides, food, shows and some zoo animals. Unfortunately the weather was overcast all day, but luckily it wasn’t raining while we were there. Also, it wasn’t very crowded which was nice.
We took a bus to Everland, which is near Seoul, I believe. We met another group of kindergarten teachers and took the bus with them. I’m not really sure why since we immediately split up from them when we got there and we didn’t take the same bus home.

some of the teachers

the English teachers and 2 of the 5 year old teachers

"Sarah teacher, Korean tigers!" ---oh? haha

We went on some rides and then all had lunch together. Instead of the Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears they sell everywhere in Disney world, Everland sells all different types of animal ears. The headmaster bought us each a pair of the ears of our choice so we wore them around like everyone else: young, old, men, women and children. J

most of the teachers with our ears

Everland has a ride similar to the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney World, minus the song that everyone loves so much! It's cool to see another country's take on each country in the world.


Now, the next two are from the USA.

So, apparently football players, cheerleaders and bull riders are all typical in America.

Oh, and the Statue of Liberty that Korea really likes.


We took the bus back to Incheon and had dinner together. Now, dinners with the headmaster are usually a dreaded event for most of the girls. The first time we all went out to dinner was when I saw what she does. She continues to pour people alcohol regardless of if they want some or not. Then she will make toasts and make the other teachers make toasts. Basically no one can ever have an empty glass, but you also can’t avoid not refilling your glass. The first time we all went out to dinner I thought I was so cleaver by politely declining her offer for more Soju or more beer while the other girls who didn’t want anymore would say ok and then when no one was looking dump their glass into their soup bowls or hide their glasses under the table. I thought this was ridiculous and they should just say no like I was. Then today I found out why. If the headmaster was ready for another toast and my glass was half full she would say, “Sarah Teacher, one shot, please.” Now, “one shot” in Korea means: “bottoms up, finish your drink.” Luckily the meal was so spicy I actually needed to drink this horrible tasting Korean beer! I was eating what the headmaster said was “medium spice”. When I saw my face in the bathroom it was bright red and my lips were on fire. Oh, and on top of that I ate octopus tonight…that might be the last time I sit next to the headmaster at dinner! Oh, how did the octopus taste, you ask? Like plastic flavored rubber J mmm mmm!

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