Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hi Seoul Festival

Since everyone had the day off for Children’s Day there was a big festival in Seoul called the Hi Seoul Festival. Since Children’s Day also coincides with Cinco de Mayo the foreigners like to put on a little festival of their own. Jennifer and I met up to go to Seoul and we started at a foreigner owned Mexican restaurant called Tomatillos. They had a big square with a live band and DJ. They had some Mexican food for sale with margaritas and Coronas. We had some Mexican food and watched the band play for a while. We met up with Stephanie and Jeremy while we were there.

Donations - you could throw won coins and try to get them in a bucket.

We then walked around the festival to see the other attractions. Kids were playing in the river and everyone was enjoying the amazing weather! There was an exhibit dedicated to the children of the Korean War with pictures. It was a pretty moving exhibit to show that not only adults are affected by war.

We then sat in a bit grassy field and bought bubble guns. The kids all loved the bubbles and wouldn’t leave us alone, they just wanted us to cover them with bubbles.

Tangled up in ribbons on the bridge

A view of Seoul and the Han River

Jennifer, Stephanie and I got something to eat by the Han River while we waited for what they called the Rainbow Drops show. This was in Hangang Park in Yeouido. This show used a giant crane and lifted people up. It was really crazy! They all wore white so you could see them a night as the lights were shinning on them. They also had fireworks for the show. I can’t really describe everything, but I did make a video that might give you a better idea of what went on throughout the day!

My Hi Seoul video!

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