Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lotus Lantern Festival

Buddha’s birthday is on May 10th so we have another day off of school! There was another festival that was going on all weekend with numerous lanterns, crafts and activities. Jennifer and I met and luckily had some more beautiful weather! The festival was near Insa-dong in Seoul. There were tons of shows going on with people dancing and putting on little plays about Buddha.

They are making a picture with little colored sand grains

Some decorative lanterns

We pretty much hit up every craft tent to make different things like fans, key chains, candles, lotus flower lanterns and origami hanboks. There were tons of different kind of lanterns on display and for sale.

Buddha knows sign language

With some of the dancers/ lantern holders

 The Buddhist temple was covered in lanterns and there was a parade of lanterns once it started to get dark.

Buddhist Temple


The Temple

Some lanterns

Dragon Lantern

Some lantern holders in the parade

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