Sunday, March 13, 2011

The end of my first weekend

So, today I made a video tour of my apartment, but by the end of the day my apartment now looks quite a bit different. At least you will see what it looked like when I first moved in. I then met up with Jennifer and Heather and we went out to lunch near Jennifer's apartment. They have been teaching me a lot of things that I need to know. So, one thing they taught me about was T-money. It feels like I'm in college because it's a card or a little phone charm that you can fill money onto. Then you can use it at various locations like in taxis, on buses and in convenience stores. You just swipe this card or charm and it pays for whatever you are buying like a fast pass. I chose a little Mickey Mouse charm. It is actually supposed to make the cost of some things go down such as the bus. A bus trip is usually 1,000 Won and with the T-money it is 900 Won. So, it’s not that much different, but it’s really fast. Heather then took me to the mall on our way home. She showed me some of the foreigner bars too. We really live in the greatest shopping area I have ever seen. I think there are about 5 malls within a quarter mile of my apartment, not to mention all the other shopping that is available. We’ll see how this turns out. J

*Ok, looks like we are going to have to wait on the video because YouTube is taking way too long and I am in the business center of the Koryo Hotel and my bed is calling. Until next time...

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