Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 15th

I successfully walked to school today! Yes! On the way I found a post office that is around the corner from the school, which is perfect because I heard it was hard for some people to get there on time after school. This one is open until 6pm so I’m double in luck! I asked Ellen how to ask for stamps in Korean and she told me it’s pronounced ‘oopio jusaeyo’ (bringing my Korean vocabulary to about 8 words). Now I just need to find postcards and everyone else is in for a treat!

  School with a pretty mosaic.


So, I guess they got a temporary teacher to fill Heather’s position. Around 10am a really tall, light haired American guy walked in and the kids loved this. All they could do was point and laugh hysterically at him. I really wish I knew what they were saying in Korean. I also wish I could have seen the Apple Tree class with him since they are the 6 year olds and my class was pointing and laughing a good amount through the window.

I like this picture because the girl described her little brother (the person on the far right) as 'monkey butt'.

The people with the canes are her grandparents...I really want to know if they actually use canes.

Today was the first day of our after lunch classes. My Rainbow class had the Korean teacher come in and Ellen and I had to go up and teach the other classes. I can’t say that these will be useful classes for the kids. I had 6 classes from 12:50 to 2:50, each class being 20 minutes. Now, they gave me absolutely no training and just said go upstairs and look at the sign that looks like the one on your paper, since obviously I can’t read the classroom names. Now the 7 year olds I had weren’t too bad I could get them to at least tell me their name, talk about the weather and the days of the week and they can all count to at least 50. After that I had 2 classes with the 5 year olds (remember now they are actually 3). These kids basically just stared at me. When I asked their names some just stared and didn’t say anything and others would say a firm “no” and cross their arms making an ‘X’. They are so adorable, but teaching them their second language after they have been in school for 5 hours is very difficult. I think I had one kid in each class that actually knew what I was saying, but the others I got nothing. A bunch of them were actually falling asleep right in front of me. I had to just play YouTube videos for them. My second 5 year old class I got the hang of it a little better and played this great song about the body parts that they thought was hilarious!

After I got back from school I decided it was time to get some good food all on my own. Since Ellen taught me how to say ‘jusaeyo’ (I think it translates more or less to ‘I will have that please’) I used that to order. Ok, I guess I need to use order loosely because I just pointed to the dish I wanted and said ‘jusaeyo‘. Well, I didn’t get the exact one that I saw, since I thought I was getting one with chicken and broccoli, but at least it was something similar.

It was some kind of semi-spicy rice noodle with vegetables and all for only 4,000 Won!

Now, I decided to pick a few more things up at Home Plus, but of course I got carried away yet again. At least this time I got 2 trash bags while I was there. Fun Fact: Korea is all about recycling and they recycle practically everything. Recycling is free, but they charge for trash removal. You have to use special trash bags that are blue or green and cost between 500 and 700 Won. I guess it’s to prevent you from making too much trash.

As I was leaving Home Plus I was weighed down with all my purchases and some woman actually offered to carry my bags across the street. She gave them back to me after maybe a block when she needed to turn onto another street and I took them back from her. Then another guy offered to help me the rest of the way since he was walking in the same direction to go to the gym that is really close by. He spoke some more English than the lady did, but I know he was not confident at all. I told him his English was really good and he said he learned in New Zealand for a year. Overall, people seem really nice here. Well, that was pretty much my day.

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