Monday, March 28, 2011

uh huh uh huh uh huh

So, today was quite the day. For starters, my co-teacher quit her job. I can’t blame her though, they really worked her a ridiculous amount. The Korean teacher’s hours are 8:30am to 7pm, but they rarely actually get to go home at 7. Ellen told me there had been days she didn’t leave until 11pm due to meetings or other work they had them do. As if that isn’t bad enough they also have to work every other Saturday and not just for a few hours, they work 8:30am to 7pm on Saturday. I wish I knew what they could possibly be doing then. Luckily we will remain friends and now that she won’t be working all the time we might have some time to hang out. I talked to her today and she seemed really appreciative that I called and we made plans to meet up tomorrow evening.

To say the least it was really sad and difficult telling the kids that Ellen Teacher wouldn’t be coming back to class ever. I’m not sure if they really get it because Angelina kept saying she is only out for 1 day and will be back. We will see what will happen tomorrow. Luckily, I had one of the Korean teachers in the room with me for a lot of the day. His English isn’t nearly as good as Ellen’s though, so he wasn’t able to translate what the kids were saying as much.

Then at lunch Neoking, who if I were to give a superlative to him it would be “Most Likely to Get the Hell out of Korea”. He hates every kind of food. I really wonder what he eats at home because he hates soup, kimchi, anything green and rice; to name a few. He even hated those little hotdogs, which is what we had for lunch today. Well, at the start of lunch he threw up on the table cloth. It smelled horrible. I was gagging so much helping him clean it up I thought I was going to throw up as well. I told him to go wash his hands because looking at him made me gag some more.

So, other than that little incident it really wasn’t a terrible day and they are so cute so it makes up for it. I’d say it even makes cleaning up vomit not so awful, but I will tell you for sure in a few months.

I mean, how could you not love them?!

Here is the Samsan fire station. The building is pretty cool, it has sparkly blue doors!

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