Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16h

So this morning was a really beautiful day. It was sunny and the clearest I’ve seen it here, yet, but it was freezing cold. The walk to school wasn’t that bad though since it was so sunny.

Another view from my apartment, but it's clearer this time and you can see the mountains in the back!

When I got into school Melisa came up to me and handed me a fake rose and said, “flower for you” with her big toothless smile. Then during some free play one of the boys, Shawn, was putting together this puzzle they have that is in the shape of Korea. I asked him what the shape was and he looked up at me and said, “Korea!”. Then he looked back down at the puzzle and took his finger and drew a line where the DMZ line is. He then pointed to the bottom half (South Korea) and said “Korea” and then he pointed to the upper half (North Korea) and said really firmly, “No Korea!”, as he shook his head. I was just really shocked and had no idea what to say, but he just got up with his finished puzzle and put it back on the shelf.

I had 6 after lunch classes again and came to the conclusion that this video is by far everyone’s favorite video. They ask for it by name and are really loud at the ‘Go Away!’ part. They also find the witch part especially hilarious.
Another view of the school.

After our after lunch classes Ellen, Bella and I had to go for English teacher training. Ellen drove and we went up to this room with 4 other Korean girls. I figured English teacher training would be in English, but it wasn’t. I sat there having no idea what they were saying. I certainly felt like some of the little kids in my classes and all I wanted to do was fall asleep. Apparently we are going to have training every Wednesday. So, I will either have to learn Korean really fast or somehow find an English training session.

So, here is a fun fact that I’ve learned since being here. It being ‘Fan Death’. There is an urban legend that Koreans believe they will die if they sleep with a fan on. So, all fans come with a canvas bag to put over them and they all have timers that automatically turn the fan off and you are urged to use the timer when you sleep. Here is some more information on ‘Fan Death’ so enjoy…


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