Saturday, March 12, 2011

My second day in South Korea

So, Friday Heather decided to take me to school on the bus so I could get an idea of how to take that to school. Her year contract if up and she leaves on Monday so I have to get all the knowledge she has now. We took the bus to school and when we got there and I got into the classroom Angelina was there. She is probably the best at English and she’s always trying to practice and learn more. She greeted me by saying, “Good morning, Sarah teacher!” They call all their teachers by their first name with teacher after it or they sometimes just say teacher. She then told me it was her little brother’s 3rd birthday, which I assume means he’s really 1. Then another student, Melisa came in. She’s this tiny little girl who lost her 2 front teeth. She also greeted me, “Hello Sarah teacher!” I asked her how she was doing and she just stared up at me with this gigantic gaping smile as she stuck her tongue through the gap in her teeth. There was a long pause and then she said, “happy!” I could seriously quote everything they say, they are so adorable.

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday except I stayed the whole day. Heather stayed after to talk to the headmaster and the headmaster told me to go home so I decided to walk home. It was a pretty nice day out. I had my winter coat on, but it was a really comfortable temperature. I’m sure I didn’t take a very direct route to get home and I got lost a little but things are starting to look familiar. Which is certainly a good thing since I can’t read any street signs and I don’t speak the language.

Bucheon at night. There are so many lights!!

Heather’s co-teacher, Bella, wanted to go out to dinner with her for one of her last night’s so Lauren, Ellen (my co-teacher), and I went out. Heather can’t really eat spicy food and she doesn’t like it so one of the girl’s suggested we go to Bennigan’s. Yup, a good ‘ol American meal. The company was certainly good and even though I think I’m still suffering from jet lag a little it was a really good time.

This is Bella and Heather

I certainly look exhausted, but this is with Ellen and Lauren.

Unfortunately for me I have to go for my health check tomorrow so I can get my ARC card, which is an alien resident card. It is an ID card that I need to get anything in my name, ie internet. I have to get blood taken so I am freaking out. Not only my worst nightmare, but in a country where I don’t know the language and the people at the hospital probably don’t speak mine. The school wrote me out a note of where I need to go and what needs to be said to the people doing the health check. It is written in Korean so I have to take their word for it. I’m just going to take a taxi there since they are pretty cheap here and the address was written out for the taxi driver in Korean so I will just show it to him. Ok, hopefully I live until my next post.

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  1. This is brilliant Sarah. Your writing makes me feel like I'm right beside you on the journey. I especially love the Angelina story with the toothless smile saying "Happy". Love you. Aunt Judy