Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14th

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and really warm so I decided I would try and walk to school today. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn and got lost. I have an envelope with the school’s address on it so I thought I would stop and show the envelope to some guys standing in a parking lot in hopes they could point me in the right direction. One of the guys takes out his phone, what most Korean’s do when they don’t know something, but instead of searching the location he calls the number. That really got me no where because the person just repeated the address in English so I decided to flag down a taxi.

When I got to school they asked that I stay with the Apple Tree class because Heather was out running errands since it was her last day and her co-teacher was out of the room. These kids are the age below my class so they are 6 (well, 4 by American standards). It is amazing how much more English my class knows than theirs. A few of them could speak some words, but other than that I couldn’t get much out of them. Then one girl comes in crying. I try to comfort her, but she wouldn’t say anything. I kept trying to ask her different things and see what was bothering her but she just kept shaking her head. Finally I asked if she was bad and she nodded. Who knows what that means, but at that point Bella, the co-teacher came in and was able to talk to her in Korean so I went back to my class.

My class took a class picture to put on the website and I know you have probably all been waiting for it so here it is!

Adorable huh? J

So, again, they didn’t have after lunch classes so the Korean teacher didn’t come in to teach my class and we continued with English until they left at 3. After that I made some writing worksheets for tomorrow since the topic will be family.

After school I walked back home. I’m good at the getting home part just not the getting there part yet. I’ll give it another go tomorrow because it is a pleasant walk.

So, the other day I saw these playground type things with only adults playing on them. Well, so I thought. Came to find out they are actually ‘workout playgrounds’. I’m not sure of the technical term, but they are used as workout equipment. I tried the leg and ad exercises for a few minutes today and once it gets warmer I will use them for sure! It is pretty fun!

If you look carefully you can see a woman in the back using the arm exercises on that wheel.

Totem poles on my walk home.

The other day I saw some kids roller blading on the walking bridge outside my building and I wondered how they would get down the stairs since one side is a ramp and the other side stairs. Well, I found out! They have those little metal ramps to get down.

So, I walked around my apartment area when I got back to Bucheon. I was on the search for a nail salon since it’s something I’ve been dying for months before I left. There are so many places around to get fruit and veggies so I stopped and bought some amazing strawberries! They really were delicious.
Then I found a nail salon that I will probably go back to. The girls there were really nice and friendly. I know they felt bad because their English wasn’t very good, although it is much better than my Korean. They thought I looked really bored, but I said hopefully I will know more Korean soon. They offered me drinks and gave me some cookies as my nails were drying so that was a pretty fun experience.


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  1. Cute bunch of kids. I am enjoying hearing about your day to day adventures. Thanks for blogging!