Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24th

Yesterday Bella and I were the only ones that went to English teacher training. After, we took the subway home. It was my first time taking the subway here and I was very impressed with the Incheon line and told Bella how clean and nice it was. She said it was only because it was a new line and the next train wouldn’t be nice because it was older. I was expecting some kind of NYC train, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was still really nice and clean! Every stop is easily identifiable in both Korean and English so I’ll be able to take public transportation a lot. When we got to the station where we would transfer to the next line there was so much shopping. The 5,000 Won shoes are what caught my eye! Bella has seen this a million times and I know she didn’t want to wait so we just continued on.

A 3-D painting in the subway station

The transportation system here is pretty cool, not only in the fact that it is really cheap, clean and nice, but if you need to go from a bus to a train or vice versa the cost is cut down or free! Songnae station is the closest station to my apartment, but it isn’t walking distance so I can take a bus. After I paid 900 Won to take the train, when I swiped my T-money card it was only an additional 100 Won for the bus trip home. It would ordinarily be 900 Won for the bus as well as the train. Although, I have been told if you wait too long in between getting off one vehicle and onto the next they do charge you again. I just don’t know how long exactly you can wait.

Today, I decided to take the bus back to Songnae station to do some shopping. I know, I’m probably the only person who takes the bus to go shopping at the train station, but I knew how to get there and I wanted to shop. It was a really nice day and pretty warm when I walked to school, but by the time I got out it was cold and rainy. It still didn’t stop me from shopping so I took the bus to Songnae station.

Now, Songnae station is a pretty big and crowded station and I was there when probably most people were leaving work and rushing home, but I still managed to make my way around the station. I bought some accessories; scarves, earrings, headbands, socks and some tomatoes outside at a stand. Yes, I realize everything is plural, but I couldn’t help myself!

I mean how could I resist these ‘kissing socks’ for 1,000 Won! J

We got some of that icky un-spring like weather as well. I woke up to some snow dusting on the mountain tops.

Cool side walk in the park.


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