Monday, March 21, 2011

Yellow Dust

Here are some more pictures from my walk to school.
A tree grate that I think is pretty.

This guy is outside the Cartoon Museum, which I hope to get to someday.

A stone dragon carving. I guess the Asian Games will be held in Incheon in 2014, according to the signs.

So, I thought I felt the common cold coming on from all those kindergarten germs and then I learned about ‘Yellow Dust’. My co-teacher, Ellen told me to be careful of this. A lot of people in Korea, mainly older, cover their mouths and noses with masks ranging from plain hospital masks to patterned and decorative cloth ones. I can’t take credit for knowing the details of ‘Yellow Dust’ so read more below. As of now I haven’t quite figured out my diagnosis, but I’m hoping it’s just those kindergarten germs getting to me or I’ve acquired some allergies, but either way I’m going to continue loading up on Vitamin C!

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