Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bupyeong History Museum

Maps of Gyeonggi-do

Today we had another field trip. We walked over to the Bupyeong History Museum, which is really close to the school. It is only about 2 blocks from the school so we all walked there. We just did a quick walk through with the kids, so I might go there another time to check it out for real. The kids just looked at everything and they took some pictures of them and then a class picture with the teachers. The museum went over the history of Gyeonggi-do province, which is where I live and where the school is.

When taking a picture they often say "kimchi" instead of "cheese". So, I did and this got them to laugh :)

a display in the museum

Rainbow class looking thrilled to be here.


Shawn and Angelina --They have the best English of the class. Angelina always tries to translate for the rest of the class. We have a sticker board for the best kids in the class each day. Angelina is always the one to ask, "who is good, teacher, who is good?" The other day I said that I didn't think anyone should get stickers because they all spoke too much Korean in English class. Angelina just looked at me with these sad eyes and said, "teacher, I'm sorry." I caved and let the Korean teacher choose two kids he thought should get stickers.

Richard and Christine

On another note I got my ARC card the other day. I’m now an official resident alien so my possibilities in Korea will be endless. Since that’s the case I had to get internet as soon as I could so I went to the store yesterday. I decided to tackle this task on my own instead of asking a Korean to come help me. Luckily phones in Korea have a Korean/ English translation feature so the sales girl and I took full advantage of this. We made it through probably because I knew exactly what I wanted going in. I got this internet that is called “the egg”. It is a wireless internet router that is portable so I can bring it with me anywhere! This way I can get internet on my laptop and my iPod, which is really cool. From what I hear it works all over the country too so I’ll be wired on the go!

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