Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today Ellen and I went to Yeouido. It is an island in Seoul on the Han River (in the picture above). They have a festival for the cherry blossoms here too so we went to check them out. The days just keep getting nicer and nicer so it was another beautiful day weather wise! Yeouido is Seoul’s biggest business and investment banking center. When we got off the subway we were at the National Assembly Hall which has a big grassy area filled with people picnicking and just laying out enjoying the weather.

National Assembly Hall

On the steps of the National Assembly

Ellen and me

The festival was so crowded, but we walked down the main street and then went to find something to eat in a less crowded area.

more cherry blossoms :)

The streets are lined with beautiful flower displays.

A giant fish fountain!

We ate some more pork. This one is called Posam, which is pork with kimchi.

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