Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Jinhae Station

On the bus ride in

Our first steps off the bus

When we woke up we took a city bus from Changwon to the festival in Jinhae. People come from all over to see this cherry blossom festival. It was the 49th festival and there were plenty of Koreans along with many foreigners. As we ate our way through the festival we enjoyed the cherry blossoms. It was an absolutely beautiful day on top of all the other beauty! I took a lot of pictures, but unfortunately they will never do these cherry blossoms justice. Everywhere you look it’s just filled with pretty light pink flowers that look white. They seriously look fake they are so pretty. It’s too bad they only last 2 weeks, but at least we got to enjoy them!

For some reason this train was a popular attraction so we all stopped with the people to wave at the passing train.

Everyone was just walking on the tracks. People of all ages were trying to balance on the tracks.

Then we became the popular attraction! Everyone wanted to take our picture and be in pictures with us.

Then I became a popular attraction with my handstands. Silly foreigner.

With Jiyeon - the genious behind the trip planning!

The center of the festival

By the Naval base

Climbing cherry trees

Then we decided to climb up this look out tower. There are 350 steps just to get to the base of the tower.

With Kelly and Jamie

Sunsets and cherry blossoms = bliss

Jamie and Kelly jumping for joy with the cherry blossoms.

Night time at the festival

Matt, Kelly, Jiyeon, Matt, Jamie and I at the bridge.

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