Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seoul City Hall

The kids super excited for their field trip!

Big smile from Emily!

Today we went on a field trip to Seoul City Hall. This was an all day trip so basically I didn’t do much work today. I’m certainly not complaining. We saw a lot of diagrams, maps of Korea and currency from around the world. It was pretty cool. Then we had an indoor picnic of kimbap. That is a typical thing to bring for picnics or lunches. It is like a sushi roll, but it doesn’t have any raw fish. The kids also brought lots of snacks that they shared with each other and the teachers.

So, everytime we go on a field trip the school hires a professional photographer to take millions of pictures of them. Most of the pictures they look less than thrilled for. I guess at the end of the year they will make a big year book of all the pictures they take during the year.

I told them to make funny faces.

Playing with the abacus

Here is one of those class photos with them looking less than thrilled.

I can't get enough of Shawn! Especially when I ask him how he is doing in the morning and he tells me, "BEAUTIFUL!" :)


Emily's face on the man won. (10,000 won)

My face on the man won.

Our kimbap picnic.

Outside the City Hall in Seoul

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