Monday, April 11, 2011


On the bus to Changwon

I had such a great weekend! This was my first overnight trip since being in South Korea. I went with 5 other people to the Jinhae cherry blossom festival. We ate a lot of great food and walked and saw a lot of great things along with the absolutely amazing cherry blossoms of Korea! We took a bus from Bucheon to a city that is in the southern part of the country called Changwon. The bus took 5 hours with the stops and traffic, but they make a stop at a nice rest area. You can get almost anything at these rest areas. They have great roasted potatoes, corn dogs, Chinese pancakes and much more.

Kimbap - which is like Korean sushi, but we didn't have any raw fish in it. They eat this for all meals and it's a popular picnic lunch.

Mandu - vegetable dumplings -delicious!

Enjoying some festival pineapple!

When we got to Changwon it was pretty late so we just found the nearest “love hotel” to the bus station. I have to say this place was not too bad for less than $35 a night. It had big flat screen Tvs, computers with internet, mini fridges, heated floors and air conditioners. The decorations were pretty crazy, but it certainly did the trick for the 2 nights that we stayed.

The crew at the Changwon bus station.

Stay tuned for many more cherry blossoms!! :) 

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