Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday, April 1st

I have a class filled with show off acrobats. I haven’t even showed them my gymnastics skills. I’m sure they would just ask me to do things everyday and I don’t think the headmaster would appreciate that very much.

This would not have taken place if Ellen was still here, but the Korean teacher likes to let them play and just be kids. Ellen always said how she had a different style than the Korean teacher and she was stricter.  

Luckily this only lasted a short time because I thought someone was going to get hurt. They all had to show me their tumbling skills. (Fun fact: 'tumbling' is the same word in English and Korean)

They do love that I am learning some Korean words. My personal favorite is pronounced “eggy”, meaning baby. Their eyes just light up when I say anything in Korean. Today the Korean teacher was handing out some of their papers and calling out their Korean names so I repeated them. This turned into them all asking what my Korean name is. I then wrote my name in Korean on the white board 사라. Ellen taught me how my name would be spelled. So, hopefully my Korean improves. It is definitely hard for me, but I have added some words to my vocabulary.
Just when I thought chicken was not that popular here I was completely proven wrong. Chicken and beer are apparently a Korean’s favorite combination, this is according to Ellen. I joined Jennifer and some of her American friends for dinner. We had some really spicy chicken dishes to share. They were really good. Jennifer also bought a chocolate cake and brought it into the restaurant for us! Mmmm

Happy Day!

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