Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today I met Ellen and her friend, Jin Hee, at the Bupyeong subway station. This station has a massive underground shopping center. More shopping! We first went to lunch together and had chicken Galbi. It is spicy chicken with sweet potatoes and veggies. They give you aprons to wear to prevent the splatter from the cooking.

Ellen’s friend doesn’t speak English, but she is learning. So, while she is learning English I’m trying to learn Korean. We stopped at a bookstore for me to get a book to learn Korean. Ellen and her friend picked it out because it has the alphabet characters and then they are translated into English. I decided to purchase it because I need to learn the alphabet. It wasn’t until after we stopped at a coffee shop to read it that I realized the sentences that it has for you to practice are horribly translated to English. For example, two good ones are: “Two man connot do it, no, nor (can) three” and “I could eat tree, yes, a dozen!” What? Exactly my thoughts. Ellen felt really bad that she had me get this book, but it’s pretty hilarious so I declined returning it. At least I can learn the characters from it because the Korean is all correct.

With our aprons.

After lunch we went back to the subway to go shopping. Most everything is the same as what I have seen; shoes, purses, clothing, accessories etc. We spent a long time walking around, shopping, and just browsing. Koreans are very fashionable and wear really cute clothes, the only problem is they are super tiny. Super tiny. Their jeans and skirts are all for stick legs, which they all have. I might have a little face by Korean standards, but I don’t have little legs. Sad story for pants shopping.

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